Flat rate for all NZ Shipping for only $6 - Pick up available

Our charity of the month is the Pathways Trust - $1 from each order placed this month will go towards giving people in need a fresh start.


How much does shipping cost and when will my order arrive?

Shipping is charged at a flat rate of $6 per order within NZ. Items are shipped using Go Sweet Spot or Pass the Parcel, normally within 2 business of payment clearing. Your order will then normally arrive within 2-3 business days after dispatch.

Do you use plastic for packaging or postage?

We love our planet! So use almost no plastic! 
We post in compostable courier bag, or cardboard boxes, and use newspaper and cardboard to protect your goodies during transit. For rural or PO Box, we do offer the option of a plastic courier bag, as this does keep postage more affordable for you, but can ship plastic free. 

Our glass jar lids are plastic, however you can return these to us, and we will sterilise & re-use.

Can I return my jars to you?

Yes absolutely! We will even give you $1 store credit for each amber glass jar returned!

Simply post to 338 Williams St, Kaiapoi, 7630 (Please wrap well to avoid breakages)
Or drop off to us at the above address. We also have a drop-off point in Silverdale, Auckland. Please message us for the address.

Are your products vegan? Do you do animal testing?

We never ever test on animals - only on our family & friends! Once we are happy with how the product is working on them, only then do we sell it.

Most of our produts are vegan, however a large proportion do contain beeswax to achieve a good consistency. If you get in touch with us, we can happily assist you in finding suitable products from our range, or even custom make some products for you!

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we can ship to Australia for a flat rate of $20 untracked, or $25 tracked. For other countries, please get in touch with us, and we can give you a quote.

I have allergies - can you make me a custom order?

Yes! Just contact us, and we will let you know what we can do for you! 

How long do your products last?

Most of our products are free from water, and therefore do not contain ingredients that 'go off'. The effectiveness will wear over time, and for this reason our sunscreens are generally best used within 12 months, and our other balms 2-3 years. You do however need to be careful that no bacteria is introduced into the balms, as this could cause them to go off earlier. If kept clean, and stored well, they can last years.

Our family has used sunscreen that was already 2 seasons old with no issues. This is a call for you to make, but we only guarantee for the season. 

Being a natural product, if exposed to heat, your balms may melt & re-melt a little. This does not affect use, however your balm may become more clumpy.

How should I store my balms?

Balms should always be stored in a cool dark place. Avoid exposing to sunlight. If your balm is exposed, it may change the visual appearance, however will not affect use. Some seperation may occur if left in sun too long. 

What rating is your sunscreen?

Our sunscreen has just over a 20% by weight zinc content, which puts it at the high end of zinc formulations. 
It was randomly independently tested by Consumer NZ in 2018, and achieved excellent broad spectrum results. 
SPF on our standard sunscreen was measured to be 12 - which means that you can stay out in the sun 12 times as long as you would otherwise be able to without it. So if you can normally stay out 30 mins before you get burnt, this sunscreen will allow you to stay out 6 hours. However the Cancer Society recommends re-application every 2 hours with any sunscreen. So very high SPF numbers are unnecessary for your protection, and can be harmful for our environment. 
SPF testing is also done in a lab under artificial light, which is different to the real sun. Many of our customers find our sunscreen actually lasts much longer on them than other varieties with SPF values above 50!
So we recommend following the Cancer Society recommendations: Reapply every 2 hours, and more often if in water or sweating exessively. 
We did actually also increase the zinc content in our sunscreen between Consumer NZ purchasing their sunscreen batch, and us finding out they had done so. And we have also gradually been improving our zinc mixing process creating smoother & smoother batches. Therefore we are currently undergoing a review of our SPF at the same lab as where Consumer NZ tests, with results due to be avaliable early next year. We suspect the achieved SPF could be around 30+ with our improved processes.

Are your Shampoo Bars pH balanced?

Yes! Our shampoo and conditioner bars have a pH close to that of the skin, which makes them super gentle. 
The all over body bars have a higher pH however, which makes them more natural, but can mean they don't leave your hair as soft as our hair-specific bars.