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Our Charity of the Month is the Backcountry Trust - $1 from each order placed this month will go towards maintaining tramping huts for future generations. 

About Us

Natural, Organic, & Ethical skin, body & home products.

Friendly on your skin, the environment, & your wallet.

Safe for babies, great for people with sensitive skin, & anyone who wants to cut down on the amount of toxins in their life & reduce their carbon footprint!


I started making these products for myself & our family. I didn't like the amount of chemicals & toxins in store-bought versions, but I also found alternative products quite expensive. Enjoying a challenge, I started to teach myself how to make these things. 

After sharing some products with friends, they were constantly asking me when I would make a business & start selling these things!

After much umming & ahhing, Back to the Wild was born!


The principles we follow are:

Environmentally Friendly: Get discounts for returning your jars in a good condition. Jars are sterilized, & then re-used. This saves the jar from needing to be melted down, or going into landfill! It also saves the resources that would be used to make a new jar. Plastic is only used as a last resort when there is no other option. And in that case, recycled plastic is preferred.

Natural: All ingredients used are natural. You won't find anything here that can't be pronounced, but rather things that can be sourced from the natural earth. Ingredients are either organically home grown or foraged in the wild. Other ingredients are organic where possible, meaning that they're organic where an organic option exists, & doesn't cost extravagantly more than price of the non-organic version. This would make the cost much higher to pass on, & we find that this gives a better balance.

Cost-Friendly: Most natural products are expensive. We try not to be. Our aim is to be competitive, even when compared to the standard supermarket product. This means we can have a far wider reach into everyone's household. Thus limiting the amount of plastic & toxic chemicals in the environment & in our homes, & being able to help those with sensitive skin & similar who may otherwise struggle to afford a natural alternative.

Social Justice: We believe that business is there to improve the lives of all people, not just their market. Every month, we have a Charity of the Month. $1 from each purchase is donated to that charity, at no cost to you. Plus, we have various other give-back schemes throughout the year. In December 2018, we donated a mosquito net for every insect repellent sold to families in developing countries.

We're also beginning to run some 'PayWhatYouCanAfford' workshops. Follow our Facebook Page for more details on these.

Our previous Charities of the Month have included Aviva, Sands, Trees for Survival, Mothers Supporting Mothers, Garden to Table, Pathways Trust, Pregnancy Help, Toy Library Foundation of NZ, Little Sprouts & KidsCan. We’re also constantly taking suggestions for new charities to support - so feel free to let us know who your favourite charity is!

We hope you enjoy our products just as much as our family does!

xx Sonia.

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