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The Mountains are Calling Essential Oil Blend

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the mountains are calling essential oil blend nz grounding natural organic


Missing the great outdoors, but stuck inside? Never fear, this essential oil blend will make you feel like you're in the bush in your very own home!

Not only will diffusing this blend make you feel like you're running wild in the bush, but also:

  • Pine essential oil has been proven to help relieve pain (1)
  • Pine improves air quality (2)
  • Cedarwod helps with hair growth (3)
  • Cedarwood oil helps calm you down, and also helps with ADHD (4, 5)
  • Pine & cedarwood can both be used to help treat tumors & heal wounds (6, 7)
  • Patchouli is antibacterial (8)
  • Sweet orange can help with anxiety relief (9)

And much more!


Made from a combination of 100% pure essential oils of Virginian Cedarwood, Pine, Sweet Orange, & Patchouli.


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NZ$15.00 NZ$11.00
Or 4 interest free payments of $2.75 with
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